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4. Miscellaneous
Reconit is now a supplier for A/C Motors.  Applications are as follows:

Please Contact Us for a quote:
519-748-6488 (T) 
519-748-2843 (F)  

 Electric MotorsAccessories
o Agitator Motors
o Air Boosters
o Air Compressor Motors
o Air Cond. Motors
o Axial Fan Motors
o Belted Fan Motors
o Blower Motors
o Carbonator Pump Motors
o Circulator Pump Motors
o Circulator Pumps
o Condenser Fan Motors
o D.C. Motors
o Direct Drive Motors
o Electric Heater Motors
o Evaporator Fan Motors
o Fireplace Blowers
o Flue Exha. Mtrs & Blowers
o Humidifier Motors
o Hydraulic Pump Motors
o JM/ JP Motors
o Jet Pump Motors
o Oil Burner Motors
o Pool Filter Motors
o Poultry Barn Fan Motors
o Skeleton Motors
o Unit Bearing Motors
o Unit Heater Motors
o Vacuum Motors
o Vent Fan Motors
o Woodstove Blowers    
Hundreds of OEM Direct Replacement Motors 

o Adhesives |
o Bearings
o Blower Wheels
o Blower Wheel Pullers
o Capacitors
o Circulator Pumps & Parts
o Cleaners
o Epoxy Putties
o Fan Blades
o Lubricants
o Mechanical Pump Seals
o Mounting Brackets
o Mounting Bases
o Pulleys
o Rainshields
o Shafts
o Shaft Adapters
o Shaft Collars
o Speed Controllers
o Thermal Protectors
o Three Phase Monitors
o Vibration Insulators


Please contact us directly for help with your OEM replacement motor:

Reconit Electric Rebuilders Ltd. 63 McIntyre Place, Unit 08, Kitchener, Ontario,
Canada N2R 1J5