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Capacitor & Fuse
 start and run capacitor



480V, 660V,Dual MFD

Run Capacitors with Threaded Bolt,  Metal Case, Plastic case, Box style run capacitors, miniature start capacitor
 battery charger fuseFuses are basically a power limiting electrical device, designed to destroy themselves instead of the equipment they are connected to. Fuses, being cheap, are far more economical than buying new equipment. DC Fuses for many applications, Marine, Automotive, Solar, and Alternative Energy.

ANN Fuses - Very Fast acting Limiter Fuse

ANL Fuses - Non Time Delay, Slower Blow fuse

Ampere Rating: 10A to 800A
Voltage Rating: 125Vac (or less) 80Vdc (or less)
Interrupting Rating:
2,500A ac,
2,700A dc