Pool and Hot tub Impeller fix

Clogged Pump Impeller A physical obstruction in the pump impeller is the most common cause of low flow. Often small items can get through the pump basket and get stuck in the pump impeller, they often cause other things to get stuck with them and soon there is a large mass of debris in the […]


Alternator Voltage Tester AD100

It’s time to update your tools. AD100 is designed for testing the alternators installed in newer vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Benz, Ford, Toyota, Mazda etc. Unlike traditional alternators, regulators here are controlled by the Electronic Computer Modules. Using this tester it is possible to determine whether the voltage regulator is able to work correctly […]

yamaha golf cart starter generator hitachi gsb107-06k

Golf cart starter generator

The Golf cart starter generator works in two ways; the starter portion cranks the engine and the generator portion recharges the battery.  When the gas pedal is depressed the starter cranks the engine over and when it begins to run on its own (the cart actually begins to move) the generator portion of the unit […]