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starter motor kit for repair

The economy has been battered for a long while now and until things improve, budgets are being squeezed. Consumers are looking to save money without sacrificing quality wherever possible. And this includes maintenance facilities too.

When your company is asked to examine costs and to work within a smaller budget, every purchase decision becomes a cost/benefit analysis. But motor and control systems are critical and must be kept running with little or no downtime. So tightening budgets means examining all your options.

Replacement parts versus OEM parts

Some prefer to buy and inventory OEM parts for maintenance and/or repair. However, when belt-tightening is required, it’s time to reevaluate replacement part costs. Quality replacement parts are manufactured to the same tight controls and standards as their OEM counterparts. Today, when quality replacement parts are compared to their OEM equivalents the difference comes down to price. Just like generic drugs are less expensive than their brand name versions - replacement parts match the OEM specifications and cost less.

So in today’s market, even OEM preference buyers need to stretch their budget dollar and are finding that replacement parts offer similar quality for better value. When it’s a more expensive OEM part versus a replacement part, the smart choice is to save money without sacrificing performance. That means replacement electrical parts are the wise, affordable choice for all.


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