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Reconit Electric is a Brick and Mortar store serving Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge Region. We have walk in customers, as well as online inquiries. We frequently get customers comparing prices from USA (Ebay, Amazon). Shopping around is good but you have to make sure, in the event, its a wrong or defective item, you should be able to talk to a customer service representative.  You don't want to hold on to the phone line for an hour to find a person without no knowledge. Some online stores are vertual. Which means there is no physical presence but only on the computer. Getting an exchange or refund as soon as possible is no easy task.

For example, you buy a Furnance inducer motor from us. If the unit is defective or not to your satisfaction, you can call for an exchange. You don't want to get stuck during winter season without heat. You need the replacement unit ASAP. Now, you buy the same unit at a reduced price from USA. The sticker price will be different from landing cost. They will add exchange rate, duty, shipping cost, brokerage fee etc. It will arrive at your house in 3-4 days. Like I said, what you see on web and what you receive at your door step can be two different items. If its wrong, you have to return, pay shipping and other costs. Then again days fly and your family will be without heater.  What happens if defective? Once again you have to return to USA.  At this juncture, price saving or Warranty does not mean much.  They will send it to their warranty department to confirm.

Another good example of a vertual company is Total Parts Canada. The website does not show a physical address but email correspondence only. All warranty returns should be directed to 664 Eastern Star Road, Kingsport, TN 37663 USA. So, buyer be aware. Price is not always a deal maker.

So, our advice is to deal with a physical shop for Electric Motors or Electronic parts. They will give advice, suggestions and followup with Tecnical service. After sales service is part of the package. You will be a happy customer.

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